Gimme Your Morning And I'll Make Your Body Feel Good

You know you love it. That feeling when you slip into a pair of matchstick jeans. There's just an instant chic factor.Maybe you've been slammed at the office or you've been traveling for weeks without a break, and you're concerned those jeans are not going to slip on so effortlessly.No fear!Commit to these small yet critical changes in your daily schedule - the first half of the day specifically - and you'll make your body feel good in those matchsticks.

Create Healthy Morning Rituals

Start your day with a series of rejuvenating yoga poses and make sure you dedicate a few minutes to the plank pose - it's crazy awesome for your abs.Kicking off your day with some light and meditative exercise (with ab work!) is great for your mind and body for some obvious reasons, but also think about this - a light workout is not going to send you into a high-calorie and high-carb tailspin post-workout.Yes, it's important to get that high-intensity interval training in here and there, especially if you're working to shed unwanted inches, but consider your eating style on those days, and when the timing is most efficient for you to manage intense workouts.

Eat Your Breakfast

You've been hearing this for years, but so many people are still skipping breakfast.Even if you're not famished, grab a small piece of fruit or a fresh pressed green juice. You can take a few bites or just have it on hand when hunger strikes.Skipping breakfast just makes you way too susceptible to bad food choices. You've experienced it before. You skipped breakfast because you were busy and then a tray full of donuts or bagels showed up in the morning meeting.Suddenly chocolate glaze dough is looking like an appropriate morning meal.Don't go there. It's not worth it.Eat your fruit or juice *before* you run into those variables.

Go (Mostly) Raw for the First Half of the Day

You know you're supposed to be eating lots of fruits and vegetables throughout the day, but what does your breakfast and lunch normally look like? Do you grab a protein bar for breakfast and then graze on whatever you can find for "lunch?"Forget that.Start you day right by getting those fruits and veggies in right away. Make your breakfast and lunch both plant-based.So what does that mean?Well, for example, make fruit the centerpiece of your breakfast (if you need protein grab a handful of nuts too), and tons of raw veggies for lunch - maybe that means an awesome salad, but we're not talking about a bowl full of lettuce.Absolutely not.Think about the fruits and veggies you like the most and create a veggie/salad bowl for yourself. Toss kalamata olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, roasted peppers, and avocado with some sliced mango and a low-calorie dressing. And of course, throw in some kale, spinach, or romaine lettuce get your greens in.Make your own morning rituals based on the fitness and foods you enjoy most. Create a morning ritual that benefits your bod and make it one you look forward to each day.Lead image source: Coffee girl in pink

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