Ladies, Negotiate Your Next Raise

"If you believe you deserve a raise, don’t sit around and wait for someone to notice."- Tara Siegel Bernard(click to tweet)

Effectively negotiating your salary (or anything for that matter) is a strategic process.Start with the pre-work, way before your performance review. Collect all of your accolades and numbers that positively reflect your work. It’s easy to get caught up in semantics, but numbers speak volumes.Recommendations from mentors and client testimonials/referrals are equally important.Based on her research, Tara Siegel Bernand from The New York Times offered these tips:1. Fact-finding and research: Know your industry, do your homework, and find out what your male and female counterparts are being paid.2. Use specific language: Say “we” instead of “I” and build on endorsements from superiors (“my director suggested I speak with you regarding my compensation”)3. Role-playing: Just as you would practice a client presentation, practice your salary discussion with a friend. Get comfortable and confident with the negotiation process.Overall, it’s about having confidence in the value exchange and unapologetically making the request.Sending you confidence & clarity in your negotiations. XOOh, by the way

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