Selfies, free airline miles, and Jessie Spano #FridayFive

td-fancy (1)Welcome to this week’s Friday Five!FRIDAY FIVEThe five things you need to know this week from the awesomely inspiring to the randomly cool.1. First and foremost, you know what month it is...You're up to your eyes in pink right now, but have you protected the girls with a quick selfie? No, not the iPhone type of selfie. Click here for a self-exam refresher.2. Women Rising: First female ticketFor the first time in state history, the upcoming NJ governor's race features an all-female ticket with Barbara Buono and running mate Milly Silva. Randomly cool fact: Milly Silva is Kerry Washington's cousin. Gotta love a little Scandal. Read more here.3. Home for the Holidays: No, not the Holly Hunter movie.Author, entrepreneur, and frequent flyer, Peter Shankman is making a pretty fly donation. If you need a flight home for the holidays, he wants to help! Stay tuned to his site and learn more here.4. Dance, Dance: Jessie Spano is back!Elizabeth Berkley "Gets So Excited" on Dancing With The Stars. Watch her recreate the infamous Saved By The Bell scene. See the animated gifs and video here.5. Viral Video: There's nothing like this puppy's love...After being overseas for six months, this puppy is psyched to see her Dad. Seriously the sweetest thing (nearly 5 million views!). Watch here.XOoh by the wayPS: Old-pumpkin-spice deodorant? We *love* pumpkin everything, but College Humor is on point. Extra credit if you're sipping a pumpkin spice latte, while reading this.

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