Friday Five: Independent Ladies

Quinoa says happy Friday, but she doesn't want you stealing her chevron maxi this weekend. (No idea what this means? See below!)td-quinoa-montageThe five things you need to know this week – from the decadently delish to the randomly awesome.* Glam Child: Allow us to introduce you to Quinoa. She is the overstyled child of Pinterest dreams. Quinoa (not the food), pictured above, is an adorable collection of well dressed and somewhat hipster-y toddlers. The photo captions are the best part. Meet Quinoa here.* Get Savvy Social: The dynamic team of Danielle Smith and Aliza Sherman have produced a second book together, "Social Media Engagement for Dummies." But make no mistake this "Dummies" book includes high-level and up-to-date insights you need to know!* Take a Leap: Victor Saad, author of The Leap Year Project, left his job to get a 12 month education around the world. He recruited fellow "leapers" to take action and change their lives and communities for the better in 2012. Watch the inspiring trailer.* Independent Ladies: This is the ultimate collection of July 4th pin-spiration - you'll find everything from 4th of July nail art to patriotic denim shorts. See the Pinterest board here.* Cool & Sweet: It's summer. You're hot. Ice cream seems to be ubiquitous, but you need something a little more calorie-conscious before your big July 4th weekend. Whip up this healthy 3 ingredient soft serve. Find the recipe here.XONDoh by the wayPS: Did you hear about the social experiment "90 Days To Ellen?" Two guys, DJ Waldow and Bryan Kramer, are blogging and tweeting up a storm to see if social media can lead to lunch with Ellen DeGeneres. Awesome, right? Also, they are raising money for Feed America. See what it's all about and help them with a tweet!

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