New Anchorman 2 trailer steals the spotlight from kittens and babies #FridayFive

Welcome to the Friday Five. Randomly awesome things to watch, read, and explore this week. Brought to you by Ryan Gosling. Just kidding.pa0olFRIDAY FIVE 10/25: The Weekend Before Hallow's Eve...1. Trick or Treat: Still searching for a cool Halloween costume? Get some inspiration (or a complete outfit!) from Rent The Runway & Etsy's Halloween Bazaar. Search the closet here.2. Coolest quote this week: "Innovation happens from misfits who go against the grain because they have a level of self confidence that is not mainstream." Andrea Cook's latest column on Digital Dash was inspired by Malcolm Gladwell's new book, David and Goliath. Dash it up here.3. New Anchorman 2 Trailer steals the spotlight from kittens and babies: By now you've seen the hilariously branded Anchorman commericals, and the 2nd trailer was just released for the new film. Watch it here. #HilarityEnsues4. Get ready to make your millions: BuzzFeed launched an interactive "Startup Name Generator." Test it out and disrupt your industry here.5. Festive-flavored snickitty snack: PopChips Sweet Potato is the perfect seasonal chip (and it's not fried!). Both sweet and salty, gluten free, vegan, and only 120 calories per serving (23 chips!). Pop it over here.XOoh by the wayPS: Yes, there will be some monster mashing next week for #MixtapeMonday. Stay tuned and groove to this mix over the weekend.

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