Bringing Some Zen To Your Office

By Jessica Molinari, TASTEdaily Editorial InternWhether your office is a 5’ x 5’ cubicle or a suite with a view of the city, you probably spend most of your day there. Why not make it your own personal sanctuary?Declutter Your DeskThe most stressful part of trying to accomplish a task is when you can’t find what you need. Clear the excess clutter off your desk and organize all that paperwork with these Vinea desk organizers from See Jane Work.Calming ColorsIf you’re in a busy office environment, adding blues and greens will add a calming effect to your space. Just don’t overload on tranquil colors because it could slow you down! To keep you energized, add dashes of red and orange to your decor. If you work in a creative environment, go with a purple color palette to inspire your artistic side!Soothing SurroundingsRunning water has a very calming effect that will help you de-stress. Top your desk with a running water fountain or keep a picture of a flowing river on your desk (added bonus if it’s a place that brings back positive feelings). If water isn’t really your thing, try hanging pictures of tall redwood or sequoia trees. These strong trees are known to give you energy!If all else fails, take a meditation break. One or two minutes of breathing deep with your eyes closed can reset your brain and get you ready to work on your next big project!oh by the wayPS: Sometimes we need a little bit of fun in the office to keep us going. Find out how you can add some flavor to your space - F Bomb paperweight anyone? Check out our tips here941829_10151647287317082_661593505_nJessica Molinari is a senior at Hofstra University majoring in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in political science. Originally from Massachusetts, she came to New York to pursue her dream of becoming a journalist in the big city. In addition to working as an intern at TASTEdaily, she produces and hosts a radio show on 88.7FM WRHU. In the past, Jessica has interned for College Lifestyles as a writer and eventually progressed towards editor. She hopes to work in the magazine industry writing about women's lifestyle.

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