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"I am a fierce combination of confusing contradictions that add up to magical possibilities." - said someone awesome(tweet this)

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Friday Five. From viral videos to inspiring stories – find out what’s trending below.SARA BAREILLES & TWO COUPLES PROPOSE Sara Bareilles helped two couples propose on her new music video “I Choose You” and it’s adorable. Sappy factor is way high. Watch here.BOOTS MADE JUST FOR YOU Often times boots are too narrow or too wide in all the wrong places. With super cool Canadian brand Poppy Barley, your boots are made to measure for your feet. Find the perfect fit here.IMPACTFUL AUTISM AD The National Autism Society just launched this “sensory sensitivity” ad spot designed to help viewers better understand autism. “It truly is an assault on the senses, using surreal visuals and chaotic sound design to generate empathy by putting viewers in the mind of someone with the disorder.” Watch here.3D PRINTED MAKEUP (what, the what?) Harvard graduate Grace Choice decided to disrupt the beauty industry with her 3D printed makeup. Accordingly, you can print the makeup from any home computer. Learn more and see the demo here.NET NEUTRALITY Fact: The internet has democratized opportunity. The FCC's newest proposal for regulating the internet would allow service providers (like Comcast) to charge content providers (like Netflix) for faster downloads to consumers. That would kill a major component of net neutrality by creating an internet "fast lane," and making it easier for big companies to crowd out the little guys & gals (like us!). Learn more here.XOOh, by the way

PS: Reminder to send Mom that bouquet of socks she always wanted. Just kidding. But seriously, check out the unique gifts for Mom here.

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