Fall Fitness Style & Workout Gear

Need a little extra motivation to hit the gym?We pulled some new gear along with classic go-to pieces, to amp up your fall workout style.Anything that makes you more psyched to workout is a good thing.

"Whenever you exercise your personal worth increases because it gives you a feeling that you have done something rather than sitting passively."- Dr. Pulkit Sharma

See all the designer links below!Shake things up with the colorful Urban Gym Capri, bold blue Under Armor tank top, and coral orange North Face hoodie.Stay locked and loaded with the CW-X Versatx lavender sports bra and keep your hair in place with the Lululemon headband.Slip on the classic black Under Armor compression shorts for your next run, and use the stay-put Nike Aero headphones.Stow all your gear in the versatile backpack from Lululemon (doubles as a crossbody bag or fanny pack).After a long day, wind down with the Gaiam lightweight, non-slip yoga mat.XOoh by the wayPS: Reminder to try the ultimate 20 minute interval workout. Click here for the video!

Fall Fitness Style: A Brighter Fit

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