Snuggle up buttercup and take a #StyleBreak


“Fashion has a right to exist, because it permits people to define themselves over and over again.” ― Ann Demeulemeester, Belgian designer

Can we just talk about how empowering it is to find that perfect pair of jeans or lipstick color?And how it translates to your composure, confidence, and authority in a room.Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 12.32.16 AMAs you're building your fall to winter closet (and refreshing your old favorites!), scope out these trends to see what suits you best.Know that... NARS lip pencils are second to none and leather panel black pants are incredibly flattering.Winter white is hot, grunge is back (Kurt lives?), bold statement jackets are all the rage, and thigh-high boots are showcasing legs everywhere.We're rolling with a warm and cozy fall style today. Snuggle up buttercup, and see all the brand links below!XOoh by the wayPS: Have you seen the NYC Subway experiment? Pretty cute. Watch here.

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