How A Bold Woman Finds A Way

She wasn't your average 20-something pursuing an athletic dream.And it didn't happen overnight. In fact, it didn't happen for more than three decades.At the age of 64, Diana Nyad achieved her "extreme dream" of swimming from Cuba to Florida. For Nyad, it was her fifth attempt to complete the 110 mile swim.On a previous attempt, Nyad suffered debilitating injuries from the tentacles of a box jellyfish. More than once. Sounds terrifying, right?But on September 2nd, it was her time.The grueling 52+ hours of swimming between two countries forced Nyad to search deep within herself.She repeated a simple mantra, "Find a way."I love how this mantra is so practical.find-a-wayLessons From Nyad's Win:* The human body can do amazing things.* Push your limits and have a (support) team.* Sometimes your head needs to get out of the way… to make room for boldness.* Tenacity, timing, passion, and experience pave the way for extreme dreams.Whatever YOU want to do... Find a way.XOoh by the wayPS: Have you seen the ultimate mother-daughter artwork collaboration? Illustrator Mica Angela Hendricks hands her four year old daughter partially done illustrations, and the young girl helps complete the artwork. Pretty wild. See the quirky images here.

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