How To Get Refreshed After A Long Weekend

need-a-refreshIf you need a quick refresh after all the BBQs and carbonated drinks, get balanced today with these 7 steps.1. Early morning: Sip on warm water with fresh squeezed lemon juice when you first wake-up.2. Morning Moves: Try these (2 1/2 minute) detox yoga poses. See the video here.3. Breakfast: Hydrate with a nutrient-packed green shake. Sip the Kokomo Detox Smoothie (lose the banana if you want to cut down on sugar). See the recipe here.4. Snack on celery, radishes, or a few brazil nuts in between meals (the selenium in Brazil nuts help flush mercury out of your body).

Heal your body with each bite.

5. Lunch & Dinner: Load up on raw detox veggies like kale, spinach, cauliflower, and cabbage. Add in a portion of avocado as well (avocado helps carry toxins out of the body).6. Evening: Have a hot Epsom salt bath (or relax in the sauna!) to help sweat out toxins. See more health benefits here.7. Before Bed: Dandelion root tea helps with bloating and water retention after a salty weekend. It also helps in removing toxins and promotes healthy liver function.Overall, avoid processed foods (stuff with ingredients you can't define), refined sugars, dairy, artificial sweeteners, gluten, and you'll start to feel refreshed.XOoh by the wayPS: Listen to the Yoga Moves Mixtape to relax and unwind after your first day back. Find the mixtape here.PPS: Always consult your physician before changing your diet or beginning a new workout routine.

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