16 Ways To Bring More Awesome To Your Office Space

Your desk is where your mind goes to workout.It should be stimulating, functional, and beautiful.Post your personal mantra and your go-to-get-psyched phrases. Something that makes you smile - knowingly - each time you see it.Unleash your next big idea with the Creative Whack Pack cards. Jason Keath from Social Fresh shared, "There are no shortcuts to becoming more creative, but if there was one, these cards would be close."Organize your notes and pens with the MoMA Snap-It-Up Board and avoid injuries with the Staple Free Stapler.Lighten up your desk-side chats with something quirky - like an F Bomb paper weight. ;-)

"I'll always put in one controversial item, it makes people talk."- Dorothy Draper, Good Housekeeping

Bring more awesome to your work space with any of the 16 items below (stolen from your desktop's daydreams).td-office-style1. Spread your creative genius on the Shabby Chic Willow Lounge Desk.2. Sit with authority in the Bassett Ellis White Executive Desk Chair.3. Throw down the flat-weave rug from One Kings Lane.4. Light up your space with the Herman Miller Flute Personal Light.5. Get specific with Levenger Vintage Sticky Notes.6 Leave a sweet note with the Heart Sticky Note Pad.7. Get your next big idea with the Creative Whack Pack Cards.8. Improve your office air with the Golden Pathos plant.9. Keep your desk organized with the MoMA Snap-It-Up Board.10. Display your favorite photos, cards, or notes on the Vintage Pin Board Frame.11. Bring a little retro sound to your desk with the Swansea Beach Radio - plays AM/FM and connects to your iPhone.12. Use the F Bomb Paperweight as an instant ice breaker.13. Prevent injuries with the Staple Free Stapler.14. Expand your mind with the Prismatoy.15. Geek out anywhere, anytime with the Zipboard Retractable Whiteboard. YEEESSSS.16. Get real with candid quote posters, "We have a strategic plan. It's called doing things." Do you need to declutter before you can redesign your space?Clutter questions to ask yourself:* Is it functional? If yes, then keep it.* Is it beautiful? If yes, then keep it.If it's not functional OR beautiful - toss it!XOoh by the wayPS: Speaking of essential office equipment... Two movies about Steve Jobs are coming out soon. The first one (with Ashton Kutcher) comes out on August 16th. Watch the movie trailer below.

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