Day Two: It Feels Good To Dance Again

Ok so I made it through Day Two, which was not as difficult as I anticipated. I am, however, starting to feel the all over soreness Tracy mentions in the book. I felt aches shoot through my lower body just walking up steps.Day Two was a bit tricky because I'm trying figure out the best time to fit in these workouts. The entire routine takes longer than I usually commit to my workouts. Normally, I'd workout out 3-4 times per week for about 20-45 minutes per workout, depending whether or not it was a cardio day or a strengthening day etc.

Everyday I'm Kickstarting

In contrast, The Method kickstart schedule includes both muscular training and cardio every day. So the whole program takes anywhere from 1 hour to 1.5 hours to complete each day.Did I mention training was everyday?Even if you're someone with a more flexible schedule, that's a large time commitment. Especially when priorities include catching up with friends, at least once in a while.This was the case Monday evening. I was running late at the office, but wanted to ensure I made it to the VaynerMedia happy hour. So I tied up my loose ends and headed uptown.I stayed away from the typical happy hour fare and drank water and had a few bites of hummus. I don't normally eat hummus, but it was very tasty and sustained me through the event.

Late Workout, Later Dinner

By the time I arrived home, moved the furniture around, and started my workout, it was already 9:40.Now, I'll preface this by saying the dance aerobics DVD, from the 30-Day Method book I'm following, is not highly complicated choreography--at all.I've heard her personal training classes, and perhaps other more complex videos, contain more complex dancing, but the kickstart program I'm using is dance-style aerobics with touches of the moves I remember and loved from dance class as a child.

It was late. I was tired. And It Was Awesome.

The dance cardio was so much fun. I looked forward to it all day--maybe that played a part. I blasted my latest itune downloads and just went for it.I worked through the muscular training (before the cardio dance) and it was tough, but I was prepared mentally. Once I had completed the moves on Day One, the mystic was removed. I knew it was difficult, but not impossible because day one was behind me.  That's powerfully mentally. By the time I was finished it was around 10:40, which meant a very late dinner (by my standards).As I mentioned in an  earlier post, I've opted for a healthy menu that can work with my schedule. So, in this instance, I popped an Organic Bistro Wild Alaskan Salmon dish (gluten-free and no discernable dairy) in the microwave.This has already been a learning experience, but I know I'm going to have to get more structured to see results. Right now I'm focusing on getting the workouts down and improving my endurance and strength.My overall takeaway from Day Two: It feels good to dance again.

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