Day One: Let's Get It Started

Don't you love it when you lay out a plan and then everything goes exactly as you imagined without any surprises? Yeah, it didn't really happen that way for me.So I bought the book and took the dive (by the way, isn't the photo inspiring?!). I intended to sit down and work on menu planning and pick up a few speciality items at the grocery store, but things don't always go as planned. Also, my start day ended up being the same day I reserve for a special indulgent food and let's just be honest--I really needed that piece of french toast.Regardless of the less than ideal timing, I knew I needed to start the workout routine. Waiting was only going to delay my results.Sometimes you just have to give it your best shot with what you've got in that moment.So that's what I did.I moved the furniture around in my apartment to allow for the impending kicks, lifts, and dancing. As I kneeled on my yoga mat, preparing for the pain, my adrenaline was pumping, and I was fully carbo-loaded from my delicious breakfast.Tracy breaks the 30 days into 3 sequences. I was beginning the first day of Sequence One; Days 1-10. The goal was to hit at least 10 reps but aim for 20 reps per move for my first workout. Tracy explains that you should do moves 1-7 on one side and then repeat on the other side before you go forward into abs and arms.I should have paid closer attention to this note, but you can learn from my missteps.For the muscle design video, I would watch her perform each move and then pause to practice. I would watch again if necessary and then work through my reps. On some moves (like the Bend and Kick Back) I was able to hit 20 reps, and on other moves (like the Three Beats, One Lift) I would barely eek out the 10--maybe 15 reps.By the time I got to move #6 Diagonal Up and Back, I was practicing some yoga style meditation and just trying to breathe through the pain. This move was tough. But I battled.Next came the dance portion. The childlike prancing of this cardio workout was pretty entertaining. I laughed as I imagine someone in an office building catching a glimpse, and thinking I looked nuts jumping around swinging my arms in the air. I only performed the first dance video once for my first try and next time I'll take on more.Aside from the challenging workouts and ever-increasing demands each sequence brings, Tracy also insists that you perform this workout every day without a break.All in all, I feel empowered after Day One. It was a great baby step into a bigger overall evolution of my approach to wellness and fitness. I'll continue making small changes that will develop into longer term habits from this program. I feel a bit sore but just that new workout soreness that usually doesn't hit you until later.Tracy explains that making it through the first two days is critical. Here we go!

Day Two: It Feels Good To Dance Again

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