Day Five: Morning Cardio

A big obstacle thus far has been time. So today I moved my workout to the morning in an effort to take some pressure off of me in the evening.I figured the cardio dance would be a great way to start my day, and since Tracy places a special emphasis on the cardio routine, I figured it would be smart to tackle that first thing in the morning. Just in case life happens and my muscular work was cut short.Because lately my cardio has been suffering either due to time constraints or because I'm so exhausted from the muscular work and just end of the day tiredness in general. And Tracy counsels that if you have to pick between the muscle work and the cardio, she wants you to do the cardio.Since it was early in the morning, I plugged headphones into my iphone, and strapped on my armband. As I prepared to dance around the living room, my boyfriend walked over and said, "just blast it. I know this is tough and the music helps."I'm really grateful for the support in what has been a very challenging week.I'm also proud to say that I worked my way through both cardio dance sequences--with jumps!And this evening I really needed a break. And a pedicure. And some sushi. So my plan worked out pretty well and I'm glad I dragged myself of out bed early enough to workout this morning.After this post, I'll just share a weekly update on where I've decided to go with this as well as my key learnings.Thanks for joining me on the launch of this program!

Spa Week Launches Today!

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