Day 3 & 4: Finding The Right Foods & Juices

In an effort to catch-up on my posts, I've combined Day 3 & 4 here.In summary, I started the Tracy Anderson 30-Day Method kickstart this week and I'm working my way through the super challenging workouts and finding my way with the nutrition segment. It's definitely my version of The Method, but I'm slowly finding my way.Here we go!

Day Three

Ok so Day Three was tough and I was so exhausted after I finished the muscular work that I was only able to get through 1 cardio set (1 10 minute cardio video). I worked out in the evening again, but a little earlier than Day Two.My workout on Day Three was so difficult, and I was so disappointed about taking a step back by not even performing as well as I did on Day Two, that I'm going to focus on the food and juices for today.I'm continuing to read Tracy's book, 30-Day Method, and she recommends Kale juice as one of the meals. So I'm supporting the nutrition part of my regime with fresh pressed juices.

Outsourcing The Juicing To Blueprint

To work within my schedule and eat closer to Tracy's suggested plan, I picked up several Blueprint Green juices. The Green juice contains romaine, celery, cucumber, apple, spinach, kale, parsley, and lemon. I really like it and I always feel good after drinking it. Note, as with most fresh pressed juices, it really needs to be super fresh (as in just pressed) when you drink it.For lunch I grabbed a cup of vegan split pea soup from Whole Foods. I keep a bag of chopped raw veggies in the fridge and raw organic nuts in my desk. So I had some almonds, cucumbers, peppers, and carrots with it.I always have hard boiled eggs on hand--at the office or at home--so I had the egg white from a hard boiled egg and an apple for my afternoon snack.The hard boiled egg white is super satisfying and the fiber from the apple, along with the quenching juiciness of a delicious piece of fruit, was the perfect combo.

Amping Up The Veggie Factor

For dinner I grabbed my gluten-free and dairy-free Amy's personal size pizza out of the freezer and topped it with fresh kalamata olives, red pepper, roasted garlic (I keep a jar of organic roasted garlic in the fridge), and topped it with just a sprinkle of dairy-free, soy-free mozzerella cheese.It was freakin' delicious. Taking the clean slate of something healthy and amping up the veggie factor with raw vegetables has been a quick and easy way to manage my menu.

 On to Day Four!

After all that food talk, no wonder I was so hungry today. Maybe it's the intense workouts and mental focus on foods "Tracy would not want me to eat," but I was famished today. I went for my fresh pressed juice this morning and already wanted an egg sandwich or something else just as savor and tasty.I maintained focus, however, and grabbed my juice from the fridge. Luckily I had planned ahead (and I keep trying to plan for success), and stored my juices in the fridge the night before. I drank about half of it and then went for my dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Zing! bar about an hour later.Those bars are so wonderful. Hands down the best protein bar I've found this year.

On To the Sweating

So, I have a confession. I had not performed the Connection Exercise until today. And I also had not done all of the stretches properly until today as well.It's been a process.Today I performed both. First, Tracy asks you to prepare for your workout by looking at yourself in the mirror, focusing, and then repeating your name 10 times under different emotions; happy, disappointed, excited etc. Next, I performed the stretching sequence--it's definitely helping with all the soreness.Oh, did I mention I was sore? Yup. All. Over. Everywhere. Places that I did not know there could be muscle are sore.

Some Advancement To Speak Of

Today I was able to do the most muscular and cardio work I've done to date. That plus the connection exercise and stretching put my workout time at 2 hours. I started my workout earlier tonight, which helped but it made it even more clear that I need an alternate strategy for this workout routine.The stronger I get, the longer the program becomes because I'm expected to perform more reps and longer cardio sequences. Today, I managed to hit nearly 20 reps on all the muscular moves and I performed the first and the second cardio sequence for the first time.I had been performing the first cardio sequence with jumps for the most part and today (simliar to yesterday) I was so tired by the time I got to the cardio sequence, I wasn't able to jump as much as I did the first and second day.Even though it was challenging, I battled through the cardio and did the step-touch Tracy recommends when you're not able to perform the jumps.

A Body In Shock

My body is likely in shock that I just completed my 4th consecutive day of both muscular and cardio work.This is the most difficult workout program I have ever done. Spinning, Pilates Reformer, kick-boxing, running, stairmaster--all challenging workouts I've experienced. The one thing it reminds me of is an intense 90 minute hot power yoga class.But ultimately, this program blows all of that away. It's that intense and lengthly. But I guess that's why Gwyneth Paltrow looks ridiculously awesome after having two kids.Here's what I'm psyched about today. My body, while totally in sore-post-workout-pain, is starting to feel stronger. But there's an important distinction I have to make at this juncture, I don't feel thinner yet necessarily, but I feel stronger.That's hot.Lead image source: fruits and veggies

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