How-to identify your core values #VictoryRituals (@TASTEdaily)

Thank you for your interest and submissions for Victory Rituals! Here's a sneak peak, as we're getting things ramped up! Very excited to share more details soon.

Victory Rituals are driven by values, achieved through a clear intention, and maintained through daily actions.
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How-to identify your core values:One question asked repeatedly will reveal your core values.If you're trying to identify the value driving you to achieve your goal - keep asking yourself "WHY" until you get there.For example, if "weight loss" is a goal, the idea of “weight loss” is not intrinsically motivating enough to make an impact.“Why do you want to lose weight?”I'm driven to lose weight because I want to feel confident. WHY?I want to feel confident because I want to be successful. WHY?I want to be successful so I have SECURITY.”This process could take a few extra steps or it could go in a completely different direction. Keep digging until you land on the value that really resonates with you.If we stick with "weight loss" as the example, it may be revealed that you're motivated by LOVE or FAMILY. Maybe you want to get healthy, so you can be an active parent or grandparent. Enjoying every Sunday with little Emma & Jack at the park. THAT is the vision that will get you out of bed in the morning. Not the notion of losing something.Whatever you land on as your core value (SECURITY, LOVE etc), set a clear intention to achieve your goal through daily actions. The “weight loss” piece of it becomes part of the bigger story.XOOh, by the way

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