That's What She Said @AnnaCurran Edition

she-said-anna(click to tweet)TASTEdaily’s ‘That’s What She Said’ Series: Don’t you just love a story about a woman disrupting the norm for the greater good?Growing up with an Italian family, food was love. Pasta was carefully made from scratch, while the sauce simmered all day.These cherished family recipes are often scribbled on tiny post-it notes, taped to the inside of cabinet doors, or slipped in between pages of Joy of Cooking.Anna Curran's tech startup, CookbookCreate, celebrates and preserves family heritage and lifelong memories with a few clicks.With CookbookCreate, users can create a professional hardcover cookbook of their favorite recipes (like Grandma's banana bread and Aunt Lucy's pumpkin ravioli!).A morsel of Anna's food story..."I love food and I love people. One of my favorite things is bringing people together over a meal to talk and celebrate life.""I've been known to throw parties where it's a barbecue around the world, and there will be Mediterranean, Asian, and American dishes. And there's always dessert - ALWAYS!"Gotta love modern fusion..."Some of my favorite stories include mixed families where each side has a very different expression of food. For example, one family that's half Jewish and half Japanese... the mother combined flavors from both heritages to make new versions with flavors and ingredients from both lineages."Yum!Hot off the press...Anna just released her own cookbook - the official SXSW Cookbook - featuring recipes from your favorite tech startups and digital marketers.Grab your copy here!XO Oh, by the way

PS: Get cooking... Learn more about publishing your very own cookbook by tweeting Anna @CookbookCreate!

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