4 Easy Ways To Communicate Confidence

It's so easy to get caught in conversation with someone who doesn't align with your plan, project, or idea and then it turns out she or he didn't even have the authority to move your idea forward.Awkward. Also, time waster.

"Never allow a person to tell you no who doesn't have the power to say yes."-Eleanor Roosevelt

Disengaging from this situation comes back to confidence (and certainly courage of conviction).Easy ways to communicate confidence:* Poise: Make like Natalie Portman in Black Swan and hold your posture tall.* Eye of the Tigress: Your future's so bright, you had to look them in the eye. Just so there's no confusion, make eye contact.* Saving Grace: Ever notice how confident people take their time speaking and moving around? They think about what they're saying versus rushing to answer a question.* Hit The Road Jack: If doubt starts to seep in, tell your fear to hit the road - literally. Try the old trick of imagining your fear has knocked at the door. You answer it. And then prompted say, "You can go now."Because... nobody puts Baby in the corner.XONDoh by the wayPS: Check out this video of innovators who came before you. Here's to the misfits!

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