How-to Survive The Holidays with Style

This season... be more prepared than Buddy the elf and grab a gift book from our awesome partner!

"It's just nice to meet another human that shares my affinity for elf culture."- William Ferrel to Zoey Deschanel in Elf 

Six Things To Have On Hand This HolidayThe holidays can be so hectic and extra stressful when you run out of hostess items and holiday gifts. Keep these items on hand and spend more time enjoying the season (and less time running in circles!).break-glass1. Natural Candy & Gourmet Chocolate: Chocolate and candy shops usually have beautiful packaging, so these tasty treats come gift-ready. You can find organic no-dye candy canes at Whole Foods.2. Wine & Spirits: Keep a few extra bottles of wine or spirits on hand, so you can put together a last minute gift or restock the bar. Veteran party planners also suggest keeping a secret bottle of vodka in the house.3. Books: Funny gift books or beautiful coffee table books are perfect gifts. Wrap a bright colored ribbon around it and you're all set. See below for a special recommendation!4. Board Games: Keep a board game or deck of cards on hand for an unexpected dinner party. Connect Four, Taboo, and Scrabble are all crowd pleasers.5. Holiday Flair: Butcher paper, newspaper, ribbon, tissue paper, and gift bags lend - even the simplest gift - some festive flavor.6. Giftcards: Keep a small stash of giftcards on hand, along with beautiful holiday greeting cards. Starbucks, Amazon, Sephora, and iTunes are popular choices. XOoh by the wayPS: Bold woman writing… Sweet and sassy with a dash of Dr. Seuss, Marylu Zuk asks, "Whose A&& Is That?" Dubbed "the girlfriend gift" Marylu's prose encourage women to embrace their bodies and have a good laugh along the way. Find her book here.whose-is-that

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