Build Your Tolerance For Risk: Exclusive Interview With @CarrieKerpen

Everytime a woman shares a personal experience, she helps another woman feel less alone.It's both that simple and that powerful.These conversations, however, can be difficult to find.We aim to change that.In our first Women with TASTE Interview, we chatted with Carrie Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Media. Carrie shared the challenges and triumphs she's faced on her road to the C-Suite.Carrie-Kerpen-TASTEdailyClick here to tweet this.Remember the last time you had a great conversation with someone?  You knew, at any moment, they were going to say something profound and insightful.That’s how I felt during the entire interview with Carrie.Except it was even more than that… she was super candid.From a personal decision to raise her daughter as a single Mom, to becoming CEO of her agency, Carrie shared her story with us.Carrie is an extrovert. She is charismatic. The infectious nature of her personality engages an audience.Carrie was taught to avoid risk at all cost. But she had other ideas.Carrie grew up in Queens, New York where her Dad was a judge and her Mom was a social worker.My parents were all about security. They did not instill a tolerance for risk. I had to build that on my own. But they both really loved what they did. They taught me about passion - that doing what you love is so important.At the age of 24, Carrie married and had her first daughter, Charlotte. Soon after, Carrie would have to choose between the comfort of security or the potential of the unknown.I was young and I married someone I shouldn’t have married. When I had my daughter I decided - I have to take a risk.

Sometimes you have to take risks to change your life.- Carrie Kerpen

Carrie and her ex-husband split amicably and she built a new life for herself and her daughter.She became more established in her marketing career and supported her daughter independently.When Carrie’s mentor encouraged her to take a sales job, she was hesitant to leave her cushy marketing role.My mentor said ‘I think you’re going to be amazing.’ I went into radio sales and I was terrified. I jumped and I did it. It was the most valuable skill I’ve ever learned. In order to own a business, you have to be able to sell your ideas.When Carrie and her husband, Dave, launched their agency, they took on a whole new set of risks together.You’re so excited when you start a business and then you hit your first bump. There were times when we were growing and we had to figure out how to make payroll. I loaned the company what little savings I had to get us through.Another risk that paid off.This past January, Carrie and Dave decided to make some changes at the agency. Carrie was to assume the role of CEO. Even though she was unsure at time, she pushed forward and rose to the challenge.When Carrie accepted the role as CEO, she decided it was time to for another change. This time she would focus on her health.I don’t think I was able to be a great leader until I really focused on myself. We are so sleep deprived and we make ourselves so busy. If you ask someone ‘how are you?’ They say they are busy. It is absolutely critical to make time. You have to find the routine that works for you.After committing to her new routine, Carrie is seeing great success with her training and healthy lifestyle habits.Twice a week I go to spin at 6am and I get home before the kids are up. Once a week I do 20 minutes of strength training.The biggest trick for me is to put snacks in my bag. This way if you get stuck and you’re hungry, you’re not eating all the bread on the table. You just have to really prepare.Carrie shared some closing advice to the next generation of women (and future risk-takers!).

Instead of asking, ‘how can we make it big?’ Ask 'how can we make it better?'- Carrie Kerpen

Thanks to Carrie for being so candid and not only sharing her wins (which we love to celebrate!), but also the moments when you’re in the trenches, trying to find your way out.Rock on, Carrie Kerpen.oh by the wayPSBONUS Round with Carrie

  • Favorite sound: Rain outside my window.
  • Favorite hashtag: #BringIt
  • Favorite restaurant in New York: Hu Kitchen
  • Last tip: Don’t be late.

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