Carole Lombard, A Woman Before Her Time

By Claudia Dimuro, TASTEdaily Editorial Intern

“A woman has just as much right in this world as a man and can get along in it just as well if she puts her mind to it.”- Carole Lombard, Actress

Some individuals are ahead of their time. They go against the grain and remain pinnacles of altruism in history.Carole Lombard was one such person.She was a Hollywood It Girl and the highest paid actor of the 1930s. Lombard was famous for her roles in screwball comedies like "We're Not Dressing" with Bing Crosby, among may others. She also starred in the drama "Now and Forever" with child star Shirley Temple.While Lombard achieved great notoriety and commercial success, she maintained a strong personal viewpoint.  When fellow actor William Haines came out, Lombard was one of the few people who supported him.In the 1930s, when people did not publicly admit that homosexuality existed, this was quite the stand.Lombard, however, did not cave to the sentiment of those around her. She went on to support Haines in his next endeavor.The turmoil boosted Haines' career as an interior designer, especially when Haines and his lover were blacklisted from Hollywood.Regardless of the fallout in Hollywood, Lombard and fellow actors hired Haines as their decorator.Haines, commended for his impeccable style said, "I'd rather have taste than love or money."  126Claudia Dimuro is a junior at New York University studying Communications with a minor in Italian. Writing is one of her greatest loves after coffee and hummus (and Jon Hamm).  She wishes to obtain an editorial position in the magazine world as well as an apartment in the West Village that exceeds the size of a closet. You can find her articles at TASTEdaily and Inconnu Magazine.

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