Bubbles for fall brunch (and pumpkin pairing!) #ChampagneThursday

"Meeting Franklin Roosevelt was like opening your first bottle of champagne; knowing him was like drinking it."- Winston Churchill

Ruth Frantz is your "personal chef de cave," at HenrisReserve.com, where she curates an online Champagne Boutique.Doesn't that sound delicious?Ruth shared the latest trends and the best Champagnes for fall (and pumpkin pie!).1. Bubbles for fall brunchWhile toasting over eggs, smoked meats, and rich cheeses, Frantz recommends filling your glass with something "richer and fuller bodied," specifically a blanc de noir (all pinot noir grapes).Ruth Recommends: Fluery (biodynamic, yay!) or Pehu Simonnet.2. Pairing with pumpkin pieFor your favorite fall dessert, Frantz knows the perfect fit. She suggests trying a "light and fuller bodied" option like a 100% Chardonnay.Ruth Recommends: Jean Milan Demi-Sec (by Caroline Milan)3. Selecting your bubblesWhen it comes to choosing a Champagne, Ruth recommends artisanal all the way. "Search for Champagnes that are produced on one estate and reflect the terroir of Champagne's finest, private estates."Enjoy your champs, darling!XOoh by the wayPS: Take me to the bubbles... Champagne has approximately 80 calories per 4 oz., while a glass of wine has around 120 calories. Pretty sweet deal for a little bit of luxury.

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