4 Simple Brainstorming Secrets

New ideas are a powerful currency.Whether you're launching a new product, fundraising for a special cause, or solving an issue at work, brainstorming is where it all starts.Sometimes you have a team, and sometimes it's just you. That's OK, artists and musicians brainstorm on their own too.td-open-mindHow-to rock at your next brainstorm:Location: Don't brainstorm in the same place you have boring conferences calls. Break out of a rut by interrupting patterns. Find a cool venue or have a walking meeting to get the creative juices flowing.The Boss: Put someone in charge (not the reporting manager). You need a decision maker, an arbiter, to keep the process moving. Ideally a third party - this is where agencies come in handy!Quantity Over Quality: That's right - quantity rules over quality when you're brainstorming. First, work up a long list of ideas - no idea is wrong - and then go back and eliminate.Speed Storming: When you're stuck and your mind starts drifting, set a goal to write 50 ideas in 5 minutes. Even if you start dreaming about the beach - write it down, so you can move forward. And really, you never know where that beach could take you.

"Good brainstorming is about pattern disruption." - Jason Keath

XONDoh by the wayPS: Getting all psyched about white boards and brainstorming? Check out Idea Paint - it transforms any surface (walls, desks, old chalkboards) into a dry erase canvas for your creativity.----Image source: Shutterstock.com yoga girl

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