Booty Shake

Celebrities do it. Your early-rising-neighbor does it. There's no way around it.Fighting cellulite and those extra (winter?) pounds comes from good old fashioned sweat sessions.Need to mix things up and abandon the treadmill for awhile? Let's dance!td-sweat-is-fat-crying2Most workout trends will come and go, but when your tagline is "ditch the workout, join the party," you're probably on to something.I mean, who doesn't want to party?Except your typical Zumba party serves maraca "toning sticks," salsa dancing, and the mambo in place of cocktails and crudités.Try this easy to follow 10 minute Zumba workout video. All you need are 1 pound hand weights (use water bottles if you don't have 1 pound hand weights).Want more Zumba? Here's the highly rated "Body Shaping" package (includes 5 workout DVDs and toning sticks).And a former Rockette actually co-developed the Zumba Gold program (designed for babyboomers!).So imagine you're Jennifer Grey à la Dirty Dancing and get your merengue on. C'mon, nobody puts baby in the corner.XONDoh by the wayPS: Don't swap Zumba for an extra slice of pie, but protein-packed apple toast is healthy and delish!----Image source: workout sweat

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