5 Reasons Why We're Starting A Book Club

"You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me."- C.S. Lewis

This week you heard about our new book club, but maybe you're not sure why we launched one.Have you ever noticed how reading is contagious?This Friday Five is dedicated to all the book babes out there inspiring someone else to pick up a book, get a little smarter, and generally be more awesome.Why We're Going (Book) Clubbing:1. Leaders are readers...The top execs are always well-read. It's not a coincidence. Business books like How To Win Friends And Influence People or How To Become CEO (and many others) teach a skill set that most people don't learn in school. And fiction is important too...2. Ya feel me?Studies show that reading fiction increases empathy which helps improve job skills (and getting along with that annoying guy at your office). So don't judge your smarty pants friend obsessed with trashy British romance novels (Beth, you're awesome).3. Get the whole story...The internet is great for information sharing, but it's only one form of content with its own limitations (just like TV etc.). If you want a complete story or guide, you'll download or pick-up a book.4. EUREKA!Reading something new triggers creativity and new solutions. It's science.5. Impress me muchIt's always cool when someone shares a concept from a book you have not read. Read up and learn what people are talking about when they are Leaning In, hanging out in the learning zone, gaining 1,000 true fans, or spending 10,000 hours on something.Have a great weekend book babes!XOoh by the wayPS: Anything is possible, if you've got enough nerve… Need a little inspiration? Get advice from five bold women.

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