Next Generation Space Suit Opens The Door For More Women In Space

What does a classic chick flick and Mars have in common? Find out below!

“We have big, vast natural spaces, and we are very big dreamers. We think big and we dream big.”- Dava J. Newman, MIT professor (also, rocket scientist)

There's a great story about a place called Semmering in the Alps (mentioned in Under The Tuscan Sun).It's a very steep part of the mountains in between Austria and Italy.In the mid-1800s, they built a railway before there was even a train that could make the trip."They built it because they knew some day, the train would come."Dava J. Newman has built the next generation of space suits because she knows that someday, people - women - will go to Mars.Newman pictured below with a model in the BioSuit.Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 6.12.52 PMJust a few reasons why Newman's BioSuit is remarkable:• It contains compression technology that may also help children with cerebral palsy.• The sleek, second-skin design facilities exploring and allows a person to move around more easily, instead of fighting the weight of bulky gear.• This suit empowers people who are currently excluded from wearing space suits. Newman's BioSuit is available for people under the height of 5'5.Before Newman's BioSuit, there was no space suit for people shorter than 5'5.Most women are shorter than 5'5, so this height requirement left many women out.Newman's decade long project is not an official NASA endeavor, but maybe it will be someday. Learn more hereXO oh by the wayPS: Red pepper, balsamic, prosciutto… this movie is like pasta for the soul. Watch Francesca make a feast in Under The Tuscan Sun.

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