If You Only Have Time For One Workout Move...

"I really regret doing that plank pose." - Said no woman ever.If you only have time for one workout move, plank pose your way to better strength and balance. Trainers across the board love the plank pose for the overall core benefits, but it's also great for your arms and spine.

Go ahead, stretch, and get your plank on. Feel proud for the rest of the day.

Because this is you:td-plank2How-to plank pose:1. Start on your hands and knees (shoulders over wrists) and then extend your legs out and tuck your toes in behind you.2. Create a straight line "plank" with your body. Keep abs tight and head aligned with your body (look at the ground).3. Hold for 30-60 seconds. Repeat 3 times.4. Drop your knees down to release the pose.While you're planking, you can mix things up by bending one knee and then the other knee (alternate 10 times). Also try the side plank for an increased challenge.XOoh by the wayPS: Want a combo exercise? Try the burpee workout - it's a combination of strength training and cardio. When we trained with Dolvett a few months ago, he had us perform 10 in a row, but we're working up to 100. See the poses here!PPS: Always consult your doctor before making changes to your fitness routine.

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