5 Mobile Apps That Make You Look Cool

With the new Jobs movie coming out today, we've featured some mobile innovations (cool new apps!) that you should check out for our Friday Five.In the categories of traffic and navigation, poetry, fitness, weather, and DJing, these apps range from iPhone to Android and many are free.5-apps-to-make-you-look-coolDJFancy yourself a DJ? Bring the party with Splyce. This pocket-sized DJ will mix your favorite songs and create a party atmosphere with light and visual effect. Pretty sweet. (Available for FREE on IPhone)NavigateThis community-based traffic and navigation app, Waze, helps users find the best route with help from real-time drivers. Who doesn't want to save time and gas money these days? (Available for FREE on Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile)HaikusRemember writing haikus back in English class? Well, Heyku prompts you to create poetic prose with a similar format. It's more lenient than your traditional haiku rules, so not exactly a teaching tool - just fun! (Available for FREE on iPhone)SweatAlready ranked #1 in the health and fitness category, Scientific 7 Min Workout Pro is your own personal circuit trainer. They recommend completing the 7 minute circuits 2-3 times in a row for optimum results.(Available for $.99 on Android)WeatherThere's a new weather app disrupting traditional weather reporters everywhere. Dark Sky's technology exceeds the doppler radar of yesteray, and forecasts weather "where you're standing, down to the minute." (Available for 3.99 on iPhone)XOoh by the wayPS: Need a snack or light lunch for this weekend? Whip up the Crab Avocado Endive Boats! See the recipe here.

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