The Best Advice From Mom

What's the best advice your Mom ever gave you?We found an epic Quora thread of "advice from Mom" and our favorite comments were from a woman named Noor Al-Hajri.In a special Friday Five, here's 5 posts we love from Noor.

Best Advice From Mom:

1. Just wait it out. Patience is a virtue. When facing an impossible task or decision, sleep on it.2. Don't judge a person based on a single action. People are more complex than that. Anyone can have a bad day. It's not always about you. Learn to listen.3. Don't hold grudges. It's hard but if you want to succeed you cannot hold grudges. Let it go. Harbor compassion instead.4. Happiness is a choice you make everyday not an outcome. Choose to be happy and love yourself, so that others can love you. Avoid negative people.5. Whatever it is that you want to do, do it now. Worrying is not doing. Just start.Thanks to Mom and her advice - we sometimes listen, but always hear.XOoh by the way

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