How-To Make An Energizing Breakfast With This Secret Ingredient

Need a quick healthy breakfast or snack?Try this power-packed parfait. Normally we go green (smoothies) for breakfast, but this is another delicious and energizing option.We swapped out the empty calories found in traditional parfaits and added something special.Enter the Bee Berry Parfait, featuring bee pollen.bee-berry-parfait* 1/2 cup of greek yogurt (we used dairy-free coconut milk yogurt)* 2 TBSP of freeze dried strawberries (for a healthy crunch)* 1/2 TSP of bee pollen* 1/2 TSP of coconut oil drizzled on topAlways check with your doctor before making changes to your diet, especially in this case if you have a pollen allergy.See below for a quick video on how to layer your Bee Berry Parfait. It's so easy.Bee pollen has tons of health benefits.It's one of the most complete nourishing foods and contains almost all of the nutrients the human body needs (per the USDA), including proteins, free amino acids, vitamins, lipids, folic acid, and vitamin B12.

Bee pollen is actually richer in protein than any animal source.

According to WebMD, "Bee pollen is also recommended by some herbalists to enhance athletic performance, reduce side effects of chemotherapy, and improve allergies and asthma."You should always buy bee pollen locally (only your local bee pollen will help with your allergies).Also, we're glad to hear the bees are not harmed or bothered when bee pollen is removed.XOoh by the wayPS: Have your tried the Apple Cider Elixir? It's packed with powerful ingredients. See the recipe here.

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