Best Response When Someone Calls You Bossy #BanBossy

Remember the first time someone called you bossy?

Screen_Shot_2014-03-10_at_9.55.55_PMLeanIn.Org and Girl Scouts of America have partnered to ban the word bossy for the next generation of girls.Rock. On.As Jennifer Garner stated, when a girl is told she's bossy, she's being told "to be quiet."Not-so-fun-fact… In between elementary school and high school, girls' self-esteem drops 3.5 times more than boys'.What's Going On?? Here are a few things going on...The Chore Divide: In many households, chores typically performed by a girl (washing dishes) are paid less than chores her brother performs (mowing the lawn).Take action: Don't let the wage gap start at home.The Airtime: In class, girls are called on less and interrupted more. Girls are getting less airtime.Take action: Implement a 'no interruptions' rule, so that all children have an equal opportunity to speak. The Stigma: Girls are twice as likely as boys to shy away from leadership roles for fear of being labeled "bossy."Take action: Words are powerful… Ban the word bossy from conversation. #BanBossyReady? Join the movement here and pledge to #BanBossy.XOOh, by the way

PS: Beat the drum loudly... Makers (the women who make America!) is launching their 6 part docu-series in June. Get psyched and watch the original documentary here. Yup, that's Meryl Streep narrating.

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