Our favorite reading hack...

"Reading makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something, learned something, become a better person."- Nora Ephron

We completely agree with Nora. That's why we've launched the TASTEdaily book club.And there's an alternate way to get your reading on...Just Listen:When you don't have a chance to sit down and read, the next best thing is listening. Hands down one of our favorite ways to listen to audiobooks is with the Audible app (and maybe you're already a devout listener!).Using your smartphone or tablet, you can transform your commute, workout, or chores into listening time. Test it out here! It's free for the first 30 days.In college, I actually listened to the Brontë novels on my old school walkman, while I ran around the track. #Geeky :-)Book Club Update:After Thanksgiving, we'll be chatting about Orange Is The New Black. We're extending the timeframe based on your helpful feedback!Save the date: Tuesday, November 26th at 9pm EST for our online book club chat! RSVP here.XOoh by the wayPS: If you've been missing Vinnie Chase... You can rest easy because the boys are back! The director and castmates confirmed the Entourage Movie is officially a go! Read more here.

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