Arianna Huffington Leans Back To Get Some Rest

Do what you dream of doing, even while you're afraid.- Arianna Huffington(click to tweet)

Exhausted and physically injured after collapsing at her desk one night, Arianna Huffington decided to redefine her notion of success. 18 hour days at her computer, in between cross-country flights, was no longer an option.Arianna contends that our measure of success - typically reduced to money and power - is severely lacking in personal care, especially adequate sleep.Ummm, YESArianna elaborates in her new book Thrive: The Third Metric. She implores readers to focus on wisdom, well-being, wonder, and giving.Thrive asks readers to look inward and define their own specific vision of success.Pretty rad.If we were to define Arianna’s Third Metric, we’d break it down like this:Wisdom: Understanding the “learning zone” and how-to find your sweet spot. Read more here.Well-being: Being present in the moment and committing to daily meditation. Try it here.Wonder: Having fun doing something you’ve never done before (and for no reason except it's fun). Like dancing to Michael Jackson’s "Thriller" on Halloween. Watch here.Giving: Changing the ratio with your own personal contribution and giving to the next generation of women. These small steps are a good start.Arianna’s new book Thrive debuts today. Grab your copy here.Oh, and get some sleep tonight ;-)XOOh, by the way

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