Abs are made in the kitchen

Anytime you're not physically feeling your best, your personal and professional output is affected. Not to mention it takes longer to get ready in the morning because nothing feels comfortable.Snacking can quickly become the culprit derailing all your healthy efforts. But smart snacking can save your waistline and POWER snacking can keep you movin' and shakin'.td-abs-made-kitchenInstead of falling victim to the vending machine, keep a healthy snack handy - like trail mix. Choose a mix that's chock full of superfoods. You can buy a pack or mix it up at home.Here's the TASTEdaily Power Snack Mix:trail-mix-angle* 3 tbsp of goji berries* 2 tbsp of slivered almonds* 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds* 2 tbsp coconut flakes* 1 tbsp chocolate chips (we used organic, vegan chips)Stash some Power Mix in your tote, so you're armed the next time hunger strikes.XONDPS: If you're searching for a healthy treat, try this superfood chocolate frosty!

A Gift For Your Soles

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