80s Mixtape Throwback

tastedaily-header-13mar25We're taking the TD Mixtape back to 80s this week with a special throwback playlist!Back when kids were drinking Ecto-Cooler and playing Super Mario Bros, Charles was in Charge, Paula Abdul was Forever Your Girl, New Kids on The Block were Hangin' Tough, and kids were putting  D.A.R.E. worksheets into Trapper Keepers.Sandra Day O'Connor was named as the first woman on the Supreme Court and women were calling themselves "Ms."Meanwhile, Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze were Dirty Dancing, the Bangles were telling everyone to Walk Like An Egyptian, and Marty McFly was taking us Back to the Future.Luckily you don't have to listen to this playlist on a boombox or a giant discman.Have a great week!XO NDPSAs you're getting psyched up for your morning workouts, big presentations, and general awesomeness, soak up some highlights from Rocky set to Eye of the Tiger. 

Get Your Miso On

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