5 Travel Secrets For Your Next Dream Vacation

Remember that episode of Friends when Monica and Chandler went on their honeymoon? They kept arriving a step behind that other honeymooning couple and watched as the other couple was afforded all the perks - everything from upgrades to all around better service.Well, we don't want you to end up like Monica and Chandler.Check out these tips and tricks for creating your best travel experience.

1. Always Ask For The Upgrade - And Get Specific

When you're checking into your flight or hotel room, always ask for the upgrade and spell it out very clearly. Ask for a better (higher) floor, a better view, a room with a jacuzzi tub, a seat in first class etc.Many times if the hotel or flight has the availability they will happily accommodate you, especially if you are a loyalty member. It only takes a second to ask and you'll reap the benefits of that king-sized bed or extra space for your entire trip.

2. Sign-up for the loyalty program

Wherever you're planning to stay, sign-up for the loyalty program post-haste. A quick "yes" to a request for an email address can score you complimentary cocktails at the acclaimed hotel bar or more.At Kimpton Hotels, as a loyalty member you automatically receive free wifi and a $10 "raid the minibar bonus" for each stay. Adorable and much appreciated after a long trip.

3. Get There Early

Arrive early for the flight, the hotel, the dinner, museum etc. You'll reduce stress and allow time to enjoy the experience without the hustle and bustle of crowds and time restrictions.Finding a random street band outside The Met and having a moment to enjoy the sirande on a hot summer day can be an unforgettable experience.And let's no forget the upgrades are more likely to be available if you're first to arrive.

4. Reserve The Economy Car And Upgrade On-site

The road to rental car bliss starts with a low priced reservation. Allow the rental car sales rep to "upsell" you into a red hot convertible.Make a reservation for an economy car and when you arrive at the car rental location, proceed to ask for more information when the rep asks if you'd be interested in an upgrade. Depending on your interests, you can upgrade all the way to the sports cars and convertibles.

 5. No Matter How Bad Your Flight Was, Be Nice At Check-in

It's easy to get a little agitated while traveling - maybe you were forced to check a bag you intended to carry-on or you haven't been able to find something suitable to eat since you left your apartment - 8 hours ago. Or any number of travel mishaps that have happened to the best of us.Whatever you've been through, always remember to be polite at check-in.The people checking you into your hotel have incredible power over your experience and it's important to remember that they deal with difficult people all day.Any upgrades you may receive are completely at their discretion - so be nice and everyone wins.

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