Interval Training: Total Body Workout In 20 Minutes

stronger-than-your-excusesThere are some fab fitness gurus out there pushing the 2 hour+ daily workout. If you have the time (and the pain threshold) to manage those routines, rock on.But if you're looking for something quicker to burn fat and tighten up, we have a simple at-home workout for you...Enter Jillian Michael's 30 day shred. It's fast-paced, somewhat intense, and completely possible. It includes her 3-2-1 interval system.This isn't trendy or brand new. It just works, and everyone should know about it.Grab a pair of hand weights and try it for free. See the workout video below.

In only 20 minutes per workout, you'll finish cardio, strength training, and abs.

  Now, we're not suggesting you get in line for a cronut, but the remaining 23 hours and 40 minutes are all yours.XOoh by the wayPS: Have you seen Ashton Kutcher's Teen Choice Awards speech? While the speech writer strategically included the word "job(s)" repeatedly, we have say, Kutcher managed to shed his Kelso exterior and impart some inspiring advice. See the video clip below. PS: Check with your doctor before starting any new fitness routines.

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