Your True Fans Are Waiting For You

You know how they say... there's someone out there for everyone (to love)?The same goes for business.Let's say… you're selling the most awesome bra ever. These bras are highly coveted by a group of women. You nicknamed these loyal fans "The Brassiere Babes." The Brassiere Babes buy every new line you come out with and they tell all their friends about your perfect undergarments.The Brassiere Babes are your "1,000 true fans."Wired magazine co-founder Kevin Kelly caused a stir back in 2008 with his "1,000 true fans" theory. He contends that if a person can acquire and maintain 1,000 true fans they can sustain a business.

"A true fan will always wear team colors even when they lose."- Jerry Flanagan

The 1,000 true fans theory puts the focus on loyalty and relationship building. Because that's where your biggest return comes from.The theory also reminds us of something else.There are 1,000 true fans for everyone.Whatever idea you (or your clients) have - there are 1,000 true fans out there to support it. You might not discover them overnight, but they are out there.So keep rockin'.XOoh by the wayPS: Remember the news about Oprah's OWN network and how it was struggling? Because even the queen of talk is not impervious to startup woes. Well it sounds like things are turning around for OWN. See the article here.

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