1 Weekend, 2 Ritz Carltons, And A Hurricane

So when does one fall in love with The Ritz?

When you first step foot in one, I suppose.The first Ritz Cartlon I ever experienced was quite famous... Yes, that’s right Ritz Paris. Aside from defining luxury and basking in the aroma of floor to ceiling fresh cut flowers, it’s also home to the best chocolate martini I have ever tasted. But don’t take my word for it, taste it for yourself at Bar Vendome.Nostalgia and The SidecarWalking down the corridor of Ritz Paris to Bar Hemingway, where you can find the world's most expensive cocktail, The Sidecar, I found myself enchanted yet fully engaged in the moment. If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to be inside a fairy tale, or be in a place where people still “dress” for dinner--you’re in the right place.Flash forwardIt was the weekend Bloomberg shutdown New York City subways and announced a mandatory evacuation of Battery Park. This was also, however, my two year anniversary.After hatching a highly covert plan for our anniversary weekend, my boyfriend called me to divulge that the hotel he booked was, in fact, located in Zone A or the “mandatory evacuation zone.” I smiled quietly into my white iPhone and said something to the affect of, “Aww sorry honey.”We considered our options and decided to proceed with staying at the hotel Friday night since the evacuation was not--technically--scheduled until Saturday.And we did just that. He gave me the address and my driver pulled into the Ritz Cartlon Battery Park. It had the familiar hallmarks of a Ritz, yet a more business feel to it. When I arrived in our hotel room (which had been lovingly dressed up with rose petals), I noticed a telescope and perfect view of the Statue of Liberty.His plan the whole time had been to stay downtown--and this far downtown--so we could go to the Statue of Liberty before it was closed for the next year (Lady Liberty’s beauty rest I suppose). It’s something we had been discussing for a few months.Also, I have to say again, the view from our room was gorgeous, especially in the evening with the lights glistening on the water.We enjoyed a wonderful evening downtown, dining in the hotel restaurant, strolling along the water through Battery Park, and slow dancing under the moonlight. And, I opened a beautiful pearl bracelet among other thoughtful gifts.The next day, he began making calls to figure out where we would be spending our next evening. Should we just pack it up and go home, or should we try and work something out? He got on the phone with someone from The Ritz and explained it was our anniversary etc.

Next stop, Central Park

And the next thing I knew we had a room at Ritz Carlton New York, Central Park.All the while, the city was bracing for an incapacitating hurricane. The rain was unreal, but it was the unknown of the hurricane’s full affects that scared those of us who stayed in town.We headed uptown mid morning--a good four hours before the mandatory evacuation--and melted into the luxurious surroundings of The Ritz. The woman who checked us into the hotel, helped us get settled in our room early.It was the coziest room you ever did see. And every detail was considered.We were much better off than Barney and Ted, and the rest of the characters on How I Met Your Mother, when they were stuck in that apartment.We did venture out into the streets while the wind began to swirl through the city that night. The only things open however were other hotels, and their restaurants. Stopping in to a couple Central Park hotel bars was not that bad of an evening.

A special surprise from The Ritz

We heard a knock on the door and a lovely woman delivered  a stately room service tray. I lifted the lid to find a delectable chocolate cake (my favorite, of course) with a note drizzled in chocolate.Now here is an important lesson… very important. If you are every going to be stuck in New York City, unable to leave the island, unable to enjoy the city, and stuck at home, there is one secret I learned, be stuck at the Ritz. Room service, movie nights, kind and accommodating staff, chocolate cake, and Central Park outside your window.

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