Mastermind: Connect + Collaborate

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Here’s my take… you can never have too many good people in your life. And it makes me happy to connect good people with each other, especially when it comes to women in business.

Our Victory Mastermind Groups bring together super smart, motivated, kind women who are ready to knowledge-share and collaborate. 

Building your business or career can feel isolating and it’s so important to realize you are not alone. Our Masterminds are designed to give you a clear process of action steps for building your business, wealth, and wellness. 

We start with a 4-week sprint to knock out the first step and get a quick win. We help you set a goal that is achievable within 4 weeks. Throughout this jumpstart you’ll have the support of your mastermind group––celebrating your success and keeping you accountable.

Graduates of the 4-Week Sprint can join our monthly mastermind tribe and continue the journey and start attacking long-term goals, along with other women on a mission. We match up members who compliment each other and share similar challenges. One of the biggest benefits is that each member of the mastermind brings her own unique strengths, skills, and perspective. 

No matter how busy life becomes, I make an effort to show up for people (and celebrate their wins!) and I always appreciate when someone shows up for me. Through my career, I’ve seen tremendous value in bringing together groups of like minded women. 

I’ve worked for one of the largest agencies in the world. I was a global director at the largest beauty brand in the world. I built my own yoga app. And I lead operations for a national marketing and training company. At every stage, my network and support system is what made the difference. 

I want you to have the same advantages. I’m here to help make your goals a reality. To give you the support, resources, and kind accountability you need. 

The process is simple. But your commitment to the mastermind group is what will produce results. I’ll help you get there. 

Ready to get started? Apply to join our next mastermind today.